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It's no longer up for debate - to compete in the modern market, organizations must look beyond traditional full-time employees. KellyOCG asserts, "If you don't have a process in place to engage this [external] talent on a global scale, in a compliant and structured format, your competitors could be gaining access to the talent and high level of expertise that your company requires."

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The September jobs report revealed the US economy added 156,000 new jobs last month. While a good number, this missed analysts' expectations of 172,000. The unemployment rate ticked up slightly from 4.9% to 5 percent. Laborforce participation also saw a slight increase, up to 62.9% over 62.4% one year ago. Essentially this means that there are an additional 3 million individuals employed than there were last year.

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Nearly 40 percent of today's workforce is external - including temps, contractors, consultants and other project-based workers. And that number is expected to increase. Many factors are driving this shift including a greater need for business agility, the skills shortage and emerging talent pools, among others.

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In this series from the SAP Fieldglass implementation team, we are discussing different considerations for tackling the challenge of expanding your program around the world. Today, we're joined by Kim Shannon, Solutions Consultant EMEA, to talk about establishing a global roll out plan. Welcome, Kim!

From our previous posts in this series, you've now thought out your global program's blueprint, operating model, integration scope and are raring to go.

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With the rapid pace that technology is changing, it can be tough to keep tabs on all the trends and buzzwords and to understand the impact they may have at your organization. For September's monthly workforce wrap up, we're sharing articles on everything from big data to the cloud to the Internet of Things (IoT) to help you wrap your head around the evolving tech space.