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(Today's guest post is by Christopher J. Dwyer with Ardent Partners. Chris can be reached via email at cdwyer@ardentpartners.com or via Twitter at @CJD_Ardent.)

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Weekly Wrapup

Top 10 Jobs Employers Find Difficult to Fill
This Manpower survey shows which jobs employers are finding most difficult to fill. Sales representatives, IT staff and office support staff make the list. (via ManpowerGroup)

Top Temporary Jobs for 2014
New research shows which temporary jobs are projected to grow by at least three times the rate of all job growth. HR specialist tops the list. (via SIA Daily News)

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A report by the U.S. Department of Labor tells us that Audrey Freedman coined the term “contingent work” in 1985 to describe "conditional and transitory employment arrangements as initiated by a need for labor--usually because a company has an increased demand for a particular service or a product or technology, at a particular place, at a particular time."

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Weekly Wrapup
Valuing the Temporary Workforce
This article explains why making your temporary workers a part of your core team and HR strategy will help you realize their full potential. Don’t limit their value by viewing your contingent workforce as just another commodity. (via BDaily)
The New Quarterly Performance Review
Staffing Industry Analysts shares some things to keep in mind during your quarterly contingent workforce program review. Instead of SLAs and KPIs, focus on a strategic performance change agenda that will lead to success. (via CWS 3.0)
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The headline numbers in last Friday’s employment report - 209,000 jobs created and a 6.2 percent unemployment rate - provide ammunition for both sides of the economic aisle. It is clear that real economic improvement is taking hold. The 209,000 is a steep fall from the 298,000 jobs created in June, but still a positive sign. July marks the sixth straight month of 200,000+ jobs added - the first of this type of sustained growth since 1997. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate ticked up 0.1 percent since May.