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In this blog series, our customers share how they each use Fieldglass and highlight their unique results.

In this video, Natalie Beaver of VISA talks about how the Fieldglass Talent Wizard guides hiring managers through the decision process, ensuring workers are classified correctly. Joined by her colleague, Mark Johnson, they also discuss the different ways their organization pursues talent and how Fieldglass assists the process.

Thanks, Natalie and Mark!

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Through a series of patent acquisitions and company mergers, a global manufacturing organization was established in 1972. Today, it has operations worldwide and generates approximately 55 percent of its revenue outside the US. Its Asia Pacific headquarters are located in China, where it has invested CNY $1 billion and has more than 12,000 workers. It needed a VMS to help manage its contingent workforce with the ability to process complex pay calculations specific to China's laws.

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Here at Fieldglass, we are passionate about our technology. We love to share how it works, its benefits and more. But we know that few things are more helpful than hearing from your peers who are actually using it every single day. In this new blog series, our customers discuss how they each use Fieldglass and highlight their unique results.

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In Part 1 of the Fieldglass around the World Series, I touched on a few key considerations for taking your program into new regions, including determining if you have an expansion strategy in place that makes sense for your business. Let's take a look at how one company built out a phased approach for expanding their program.

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Businesses of all sizes and across all geographies are increasingly reliant on the flexible workforce to access highly-skilled workers on an as-needed basis. In fact, a recent survey found that nearly ALL businesses surveyed - 92 percent - tie these non-traditional workers closely to their strategic goals.