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Earlier this month we spent some time doing a little digging in the SAP Fieldglass VMS to explore key statistics for the year and pulled the results into a handy infographic for you. It provides the answers to important questions including:

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Each month, we share the biggest news and industry trends. Check out what happened in January below!

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In this blog series, we share articles authored by members of the SAP Fieldglass team that provide expertise on hot topics in the flexible workforce management industry.

Until fairly recently, many were quick to dismiss the external workforce as a fleeting business trend or categorize managing it as an HR or procurement problem. This is not the case anymore. According to Ardent Partners' 2015-2016 State of Contingent Workforce Management report, 95% of organizations today consider their flexible workforce vital to their success.

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VMS technology has come a long way as flexible workforce management programs have become more sophisticated. Rather than getting a basic grasp on contingent labor spend, today's best-in-class program owners tackle complex initiatives including globalization, services and total talent management.

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In the coming months, members of our implementation team will be joining us on the blog to discuss different ideas around ensuring VMS implementation projects are successful. Please welcome Ross Blythe!