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Weekly Wrapup

Staffing Industry Analysts Announces 2015 Conference Schedule
SIA will be holding conferences sponsored by industry leading companies in Orlando, Las Vegas, and Dallas in 2015. With a focus on developing trends and best practices, SIA plans to cover every facet of contingent staffing and talent engagement. (via PR Newsire)

The Age of Socially-Sourced Talent in CWM
A rapidly evolving contingent workforce industry demands specialized skill sets and resilient talent in order to best achieve specific business goals. Managers and executives are now leveraging social media platforms to recruit highly demanded talent. (via CPO Rising)

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(Today’s guest post was written by our Strategic Consulting Services team.)

Last week, the data-loving Strategic Consulting Services team spent an afternoon visiting the “Chicago: City of Big Data” exhibit at the Chicago Architecture Foundation. The exhibit, which will remain at CAF for 18 months, explores how data is used in Chicago to analyze urban issues and improve communities by helping city officials, planners and others incite change.

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Weekly Wrapup

European Tech Market Showing Signs of Life
There are some bright spots in the European tech market with modest growth projected for 2014, followed by an acceleration in 2015. (via Forrester)

University Lists Hot Careers for Grads
This article by SIA lists the top ten jobs for 2014 graduates, reporting that business and technology skills are in high demand.  (via SIA Daily News)

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Today we continue our recognition of our 15th year in business, and this month we decided to get personal. We recently asked our employees a simple question: “What makes Fieldglass great?” Personally, I’m a few months shy of my seventh work anniversary here, and I found myself nodding while reading through the list. Below are 15 responses that stood out, with many being reasons for my own tenure.

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Weekly Wrapup

Silver is the New Gold: Leveraging Second Place Candidates' Potential
During the search for superior talent, rejected candidates may just fall short of first place. Companies are beginning to leverage these second place contenders by linking them to other positions in their organization. (via Staffing Industry Analysts)

Employment Trends Index Signals Strong Job Growth
The Conference Board confirms the U.S. labor market’s improvement. June’s employment reading has increased 6.3% from one year ago. (via SIA Daily News)