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Weekly Wrapup

Managing a Remote Workforce
It isn’t always easy to manage a flexible workforce. This article shares a few tips on how to effectively manage your workers, regardless of their location. (via Business 2 Community)

Straight Talk from the Customer: Promoting a Collaborative Relationship
Contingent workforce managers are looking for vendors who are timely, trustworthy and understanding of their needs. Here are a few important do’s and don’ts for vendors to consider when engaging in business with clients. (via Staffing Industry Review)

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Last week we held our inaugural Fieldglass Best Practices Summit in London. We’ve received great feedback on our Chicago-based event over the years, so we were thrilled to finally introduce this annual event across the pond to our expanding European-based customers.

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Our regular readers know by now that we use this space each month to recognize our upcoming 15th anniversary in business. We’ve covered a variety of topics, from our acquisition news to the many aliases of the contingent workforce, and everything in between.

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Weekly Wrapup

Freelance Nation: One Third of US Workers Are Freelancers
A recent study from The Freelancers Union shows that 34 percent of America’s workforce is freelancers. It’s time to accept this new economy and take a closer look at the nuances of freelance work. (via Yahoo)

Surviving the Dot-Com Crash
Fieldglass CEO Jai Shekhawat discusses the lessons he’s learned in 15 years of business, and shares six survival tips for startups. (via Built in Chicago)

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When the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its August jobs report last week, the 142,000 new jobs created was a disappointment by almost any measure. Many economists were predicting job gains in the 220,000-240,000 range. The unexpectedly low number breaks the streak of six straight months with 200,000+ jobs created, signaling potential weakness moving forward. Additionally, the strong jobs report from June was revised down from 298,000 to 267,000.