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As companies continue to get smarter on how to better manage their total external workforces, they are considering more and more headcount as part of a “managed program.” A managed program has proper controls in place to mitigate risk, reduce costs, improve quality and gain efficiency.

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There are more than 600,000 active Project Management Professional (PMP) certified individuals worldwide and the Project Management Institute (PMI) estimates that there are 16.5 million project managers (PMs) across the globe. Nearly every industry employs project managers to help lead and direct teams performing a wide range of tasks, leveraging many different project management methodologies.

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As the pace of business increases, companies are hiring external workers to fill the skill gaps in their workforces. External, or contingent, workers are often highly skilled, specialized and sought-after individuals who help drive innovation. The below data highlights how enterprises are fueling innovation and leadership through the utilization of contingent workforces.

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This is the fourth and final post in our Tenure Policy series. Read the first, second and third posts here.

As I stated in my first post, I love it when customers tell me their reason for a tenure policy is to drive their total workforce management strategy

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The U.S. economy added 295,000 new jobs in February 2015, well above estimates of 235,000 new jobs. January’s jobs report was revised down by 18,000 jobs, bringing the month’s total to 239,000. The unemployment rate fell to 5.5%, the lowest since May 2008. The Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that the unemployment rate has fallen 1.2 percentage points over the past year, with 1.7 million fewer unemployed people in February 2015 compared to February 2014.