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The United States spends nearly $3.3 trillion annually on external labor including contingent workers and Statement of Work (SOW) projects and services, with an expected 30 percent increase over the next three years. But companies struggle with visibility due to the rapid growth of this sector. Among other considerations, businesses need to know the number of external workers on assignment, be able to recognize high-performing suppliers and have accurate annual spend data while remaining compliant to governmental laws and regulations.

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What questions do you have about SOW management? Has your program already started managing projects and services through Fieldglass? Are you curious about what other programs are doing? We want to know! Please take this brief survey so we can learn more about your goals and challenges with SOW. Stay tuned to the blog and fieldglass.com to see new resources covering SOW management and best practices. 

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Weekly Wrapup

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Last week, Fieldglass hosted a webinar on contingent workforce and VMS trends for 2015. I was joined by Kohler Co.’s David Pittner, Ardent Partners’ Chris Dwyer and Arjun Dutt from Fieldglass’ strategic consulting services team.