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In today's market, companies are no longer waiting until senior year to head to college campuses and make job offers. According to Monster for Hiring, it's far more common that they start using internships as early as freshman year to create a talent pipeline. In fact, 57% of companies say the primary purpose of internship programs is to develop talent for full-time employment.

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At CWS APAC 2016, Vasanth Balasubramanian, SAP Fieldglass' Director of Professional Services, presented the session, A Procurement Approach to Talent - Workforce Strategies that Hit the Bottom Line! Today, he is joining us on the blog for a Q&A to share key insights from his presentation. Thanks, Vasanth!

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Friday's monthly jobs report brought good news to a market struggling through the uncertainty of the Brexit vote and upcoming US election. 287,000 new jobs were added for the month, greatly exceeding analysts' expectations of around 175,000. The three-month moving average job gains, often used to put month-to-month volatility into perspective, increased to 147,000.

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Last week, Arun touched on some of the hot topics at our eighth annual Best Practices Summit, one of those being total workforce management. During the Summit, we hosted the session, Zero In on Your Total Workforce. Heavy attendance showed that this trend is top of mind for our customers. Three of them joined us to share the different total talent strategies they’re employing.
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In this monthly workforce wrap up, we're taking a look at different age groups in the workforce. From student interns, to millennials, to baby boomers and beyond, check out these recent articles that share insights into workforce trends for workers, younger and older.