Blog Posts by Scott Moorehouse

Blog Posts by Scott Moorehouse

Jul. 18, 2017 | 0 Comments0 Comments
The June Employment Situation Summary from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the US economy added 222,000 new jobs for the month. In addition, estimates for April and May were both revised upward to show 33,000 and 14,000 more jobs respectively compared to last month’s data. Following weak March results, the past three months have shown job growth in line with averages over the past two years.
Jun. 20, 2017 | 0 Comments0 Comments

With 138,000 new jobs added during the month, the May Employment Situation report fell short of analyst expectations, but remained strong enough to lower the unemployment rate to 4.3%. This new rate represents the lowest since May 2001; however, behind the headline numbers lie some concerning data points. The labor force participation rate fell to 62.7% from 62.9% in April, decreasing the total measure of employed workers by 233,000.

May. 26, 2017 | 0 Comments0 Comments
This month, we shift the focus of our monthly jobs report analysis away from the broad, country-wide monthly Employment Situation Summary to the more specific State Employment and Unemployment Summary. The state-by-state view gives a granular look at the unemployment rate of each individual state compared to the entire country. The map below shows some clear trends, with states in the Upper Midwest and Mountain West reporting unemployment rates at or below the National average of 4.4%.
Apr. 13, 2017 | 0 Comments0 Comments

Last Friday’s March jobs report significantly missed expectations, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated 98,000 new jobs were created in the month. Analysts projected 180,000 new jobs would be created in March. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate continued to drop, reaching 4.5% for the month, while the labor force participation rate remained steady at 63%.

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The February jobs report, the first of the new administration, greatly exceeded analyst expectations. Analysts forecasted 197,000 new jobs for the month and instead saw 235,000 new jobs added. January’s jobs number was also revised slightly to show 238,000 new jobs, a positive increase of 11,000.