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Agility and speed are the watchwords of the digital economy. When I look at our customers, I see a dynamic group of global leaders across all industries evolving to become digital businesses – to stay connected, be more agile and drive better business outcomes.
I am excited to announce our ninth annual SAP Fieldglass Summit, all about the future of work.
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In a recent installment of their ongoing Contracted series, The Wall Street Journal delved into the growth of the external workforce and what this means for the future of work. At a high level, leveraging flexible talent for functions that are not customer-facing or part of their core business allows organizations to remain nimble and adjust to shifting market conditions, while controlling costs.
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From the annual chili cook-off to our weekly happy hours, the SAP Fieldglass office is a great place to come to work.
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Last Friday’s March jobs report significantly missed expectations, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated 98,000 new jobs were created in the month. Analysts projected 180,000 new jobs would be created in March. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate continued to drop, reaching 4.5% for the month, while the labor force participation rate remained steady at 63%.

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Cleanaway Waste Management implemented SAP Fieldglass to move from manually managing their external workforce to a cloud-based platform, giving them unprecedented visibility while improving worker safety and better enforcing supplier agreements. Alan Wilkerson, Team Lead, Indirects Procurement, shares their story – including how they achieved a 37% reduction in spend.

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