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Leadership team

Jai Shekhawat
Chief Executive Officer

Jai Shekhawat is the CEO and founder of Fieldglass. Under his leadership, the Fieldglass platform has grown globally with users in 100+... Read more

Vish Baliga
Chief Technology Officer

Vish Baliga is the Chief Technology Officer and plays an integral role in Fieldglass' award-winning solutions. He has been with the... Read more

Rob Brimm
Executive Vice President, Global Sales

Since 2004 Rob has led Fieldglass' worldwide sales initiatives and is responsible for both direct and indirect sales channels. He... Read more

John Jennings
Chief Financial Officer

John Jennings is Fieldglass’ Chief Financial Officer and has led the support teams at Fieldglass since 2011 including all aspects... Read more

Mikael Lindmark
Vice President, EMEA

After nearly a decade with the company, Mikael is responsible for overall operations as well as the success of Fieldglass clients... Read more