Helga Venturini Townend

Thu, 2017-03-23 10:43 -- admin
Venturini Townend
Founder & Director, International Compliance Experts

Helga Venturini Townend is the founder and director of International Compliance Experts (ICE) and has over 17 years’ experience within the staffing industry, developing solutions worldwide to support clients with the management of their contingent workforce. Over her career she has worked for PEO companies, a recruitment agency and an international MSP provider, which have given her a broad understanding of the risks and challenges faced by companies supplying and using contingent workers. Under ICE, Helga operates as an independent advisor to companies managing multi-country projects or looking into doing business in new territories, ensuring compliance with the local legislation whilst guaranteeing workers are classified and engaged correctly, reducing risks to all parties involved in the supply chain.