Resources By Type

Resources By Type

Fieldglass offers a variety of resources for creating and sustaining successful contingent workforce and services procurement programs. Learn more about the latest technology and services to ensure your company’s success.

Case Studies
What are the latest Fieldglass customers success stories? How did they do it? What benefits did they achieve? Learn the hows, whats and whys for program improvement.
How can Fieldglass help your flexible workforce program? Access our detailed datasheets to learn more about our full range of software and services offerings.

Download one or more of our eBooks today to get the latest trends, tips and lessons learned about managing flexible workforce programs.


Check out our infographics for fun, visual representations of trends, best practices and more.

Knowledge Kits

Gain access to Fieldglass’ industry expertise in these resource packages. Our case studies, videos and other resources are bundled together and available for download.

Where is the market headed? What are the newest trends? Get the latest information from industry experts and how it impacts your flexible labor program.

Listen to Fieldglass customers share their stories of using Fieldglass to manage their programs.

Learn firsthand from industry thought leaders, Fieldglass experts and customer panelists on the latest trends and best practices in external workforce management.
Seeking information on the latest innovations and practices impacting the flexible workforce market? Look no further.