Business Intelligence

Measure and analyze your flexible workforce

You can’t improve your services procurement program if you don't know your unique challenges and pain points. Fieldglass' powerful business intelligence tools include features for executive sponsors, program office managers and hiring manager users alike.

Get program data & facts
Sophisticated reporting to determine cost saving opportunities, efficiency improvements and compliance corrections.

Find trends & anomalies
Interactive Visualizer charts and dashboards help identify trends and anomalies that require follow up, such as tenure violations and overtime excesses.

Benchmark your data
Benchmark your program against aggregate data in the Fieldglass customer base, the largest source of aggregate data in the industry.



  • Identify anomalies, outliers and trends quickly
  • Reports are automatically delivered to specified email addresses
  • 99% of the fields in Fieldglass are reportable and customizable and can be exported to XLS, XLSX, CSV or PDF formats
  • Endless capabilities: drill down, conditional formatting, drag and drop, ad-hoc, role-based permissions, filters, graphing and more
  • Balance resource availability against required skills, open requisitions and current projects
  • Compare advanced supplier benchmarks of a given supplier KPI against the average supplier or target KPIs
  • Gain key insight into rates, hiring cycle times and supplier performance

Fieldglass Market Intelligence Report

To get more insights from our Strategic Consulting Services team, register to receive the Fieldglass Market Intelligence Report. Each quarterly edition gives you exclusive access to in-depth analysis and insights into the contingent labor market. When you register, this quarterly report will be delivered right to your doorstep.