Business Intelligence

Measure and Analyze Your Flexible Workforce to Drive Results

It's essential that you know where your program stands. SAP Fieldglass Business Intelligence uncovers critical data and insights so you can improve your contingent workforce and services procurement programs and enable better workforce planning across all worker types. The comprehensive business intelligence solution meets the diverse information needs of all of your user types, from executive sponsors to program office managers and hiring manager users.

Get program data & facts
Sophisticated reporting to determine cost saving opportunities, efficiency improvements and compliance corrections.

Find trends & anomalies
Interactive Visualizer charts and dashboards help identify trends and anomalies that require follow up, such as tenure violations and overtime excesses.

Benchmark your data
Benchmark your program against aggregate data in the Fieldglass customer base, the largest source of aggregate data in the industry.

To dive deeper into our sophisticated business intelligence features and functionality, read our SAP Fieldglass Business Intelligence datasheet.