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SAP Fieldglass Flex offers medium-sized businesses this powerful technology for external workforce management that will revolutionize the way you get work done. This user-ready, first in its class workforce management solution streamlines sourcing, hiring and managing contract labor to drive efficiencies so you can focus on innovation and growth.


95% of organizations

perceive the external workforce as vital to their business.



50% of the global workforce

is predicted to be flexible in some manner by 2020.


$3.5 trillion

is the global annual spend on non-payroll labor.



A Complex Problem with a Simple Solution

Users are intuitively guided through the full requisition process, with compliance and measurement capabilities at each step.
SAP Fieldglass has provided the industry’s leading technology for external workforce management to top global businesses since 1999. Now mid-market companies in any industry can leverage SAP Fieldglass Flex, a custom-designed, flexible and cost-effective solution that allows visibility into your external labor and offers immediate ROI. This innovative system will maximize cost savings, worker quality, compliance and overall program efficiencies to help you achieve agility in an increasingly on-demand business environment.
During the course of a year, staffing companies in North America hire nearly 16 million temporary and contract employees. In 2016, 38 percent of the workforce was comprised of external labor, and that number is only expected to increase. So why does it seem difficult for your organization to find, onboard and manage these workers? With disparate systems, decentralized management and inconsistent processes, external workforce management can get complex quickly. Organizations may have difficulty identifying the workers, their responsibilities and how much they’re paid.
More mid-sized organizations are leveraging external talent pools and need proven technology solutions to support their initiatives.

Introducing SAP Fieldglass Flex

SAP Fieldglass Flex is an intuitive, ready-to-use technology platform that is specifically designed for mid-sized businesses. It easily and quickly guides you through the processes associated with external workforce management.
Imagine a system engineered for rapid set-up so businesses can begin transacting and realizing returns immediately. It’s that simple. By leveraging this solution to ensure compliance and standardize payments, you’ll see your program efficiencies, cost savings and worker quality increase.
Our elegant, intuitive user interface allows you to leverage different job templates that fit the diverse needs of your workforce. One centralized data center securely stores all of your flexible labor information with real-time information and analytic capabilities. It seamlessly fits with your existing technology systems to ensure your IT department doesn’t waste valuable time.

Key Benefits Designed for Mid-Sized Companies

With SAP Fieldglass Flex, your organization will experience the following advantages:


  • Identify, hire, onboard and manage quality talent at the right cost, regardless of labor type
  • Automate existing processes to increase efficiencies and manage compliance
  • Understand external workforce dynamics with real-time data and analytics


  • Experience simple, quick and seamless set-up and deployment
  • Leverage the intuitive, user-friendly interface to ease adoption and change management
  • Ensure mobility and agility in this next generation cloud digital tool


  • Realize returns immediately after implementation
  • Simplify, automate and streamline hiring and onboarding processes
  • Gain substantial cost savings by more effectively managing flexible labor
Regardless of your role within the organization, SAP Fieldglass Flex addresses the unique challenges that your key personnel face on a daily basis.


  • Cost control, rate rationalization and accurate billing and invoicing
  • Compliance to contracted rates and risk mitigation
  • Visibility into detailed reporting and benchmarking
  • Supplier consolidation and performance metrics


  • Standardized and efficient processes for engaging external workers
  • Talent requests filled promptly with best available talent
  • Consistent onboarding practices
  • Compliance with corporate policies, such as on/offboarding and tenure


  • Seamless change management
  • Secure system and process
  • On-going internal and/or external support


  • Cost optimization
  • Cost transparency and containment
  • Efficient and accurate billing and invoicing processes

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