Independent Contractors

Classify and manage independent contractors with confidence

Because independent contractors are a significant portion of the flexible workforce, you will need a well-defined compliance program to mitigate risk. Our cloud-based technology can help reduce risk and ensure your entire workforce is compliant. The Fieldglass decision form can be incorporated into your hiring manager’s resource request process to capture key information and provide an audit trail. On top of all of that, you can integrate Fieldglass to an IC validation solution for an extra layer of protection.

decision process flow

Our Vendor Management System (VMS) can:

  • Manage and track independent contractors alongside the rest of your flexible workforce.
  • Engage, evaluate and classify your entire contingent workforce through one fully automated solution.
  • Ensure independent contractors are in compliance with company rules and processes. 
  • Automate the vetting process and provide decision support. 
  • Organize, store and track all IC-related documentation.
  • Send notifications when a contract or required certification is nearing expiration.
  • Collaborate with your existing IC-validation partners and introduce you to ours.