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Fieldglass ContactIf you are an SAP Fieldglass user seeking support, please sign into your system, click on the Help icon in the upper-right of your screen and then select Contact Us. This provides the Application Support team information specific to you. You may also submit a Support Case here.

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Access online helpWe offer assistance within the SAP Fieldglass application via the Reference Library. To access the Reference Library, sign into SAP Fieldglass, click on the Help icon in the upper-right of your screen and then select Reference Library.

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Frequently asked questions

Contract worker

Contractors complete work for a client company on fixed term assignment through a staffing company or on a project-based contract through a staffing agency.

How do I reset my password?

On the application sign-in page, click the link: Need help signing in? and then select Forgot my password. Upon completion of the prompts, you will receive an email to the address on file with further instructions. Check to ensure this email is not flagged by your spam filter or junk folder. If you did not receive the email, request assistance directly from SAP Fieldglass support here.

How can I correct or update my name in the SAP Fieldglass application?

Due to client company policy, SAP Fieldglass is not authorized to process name change requests submitted directly by contract workers. To request a name change, contact your direct supervisor, as supervisors typically submit name change requests on behalf of the workers.

I don't have an account. How do I register to track my time?

When the assignment is fully approved in SAP Fieldglass, a worker account is created and then a registration email is sent. If you have not received a registration email, contact your staffing agency for the status of your assignment.

How do I get another registration sent to me?

Contact your staffing agency, as they have the ability to resend the registration.

I have multiple assignments or work for more than one company that uses SAP Fieldglass. Can I register for all assignments in a single account?

Yes, during account registration for a new assignment an option will be given to link to an existing account.

Can I see records of my pay in SAP Fieldglass? Can I have a copy of my W2?

Payments are processed by your staffing agency. Contact them regarding any payroll questions.

Permanent employee of staffing agency

Permanent employees of a staffing agency are the recruiters providing contract workers and / or services to a client company or organization.

I am a recruiter for a staffing agency. How can I register an account?

If your company is already registered but you do not have a user account, contact your internal supplier program administrator, as they manage user access.

How do I get another user registration email sent to me?

Contact your program administrator within your staffing agency, as they have the ability to resend your user invite. If you are unsure who the supplier program administrator is, contact SAP Fieldglass support here.

We service multiple client companies or organizations. Is it possible to have them all under a single account?

Yes, when the supplier program administrator responds to the registration invitation sent by the client company, an option is given to link to an existing staffing agency account. If company account linking is used, all client companies can be serviced under one SAP Fieldglass supplier account.

Note: Once linked, client companies cannot be separated from an account. If account linking is not done initially during registration, then the option will no longer be available.

Permanent employee of client company or organization

Internal user for a customer who initiates an order for contingent worker, full-time hire or contractual services.

What if my company does not currently have the SAP Fieldglass application?

Contact SAP Fieldglass here to learn about becoming a customer.

How do I register with SAP Fieldglass if I do not currently have an account?

Contact the Program Management Office at your company, as they are authorized to provide user access. If the Program Management Office contact information is not available, request the information from SAP Fieldglass support here.

How do I get another user registration email sent to me?

If an account has already been created for you and you need a new registration email, contact your Program Management Office, who has the ability to resend your user invite. If you are unsure who to contact, request the contact information from SAP Fieldglass support here.