Talent Pools

Put your known talent supply to work

With Fieldglass, you can strategically utilize the resources already in your network, such as retirees, alumni and interns, for open positions. 
Fieldglass Recruiter allows organizations to use one comprehensive platform for recruiting any and all workers. HR and procurement teams can now directly source human capital and take advantage of known candidates to reduce recruitment time, shorten onboarding efforts and eliminate supplier markup fees. 
Fieldglass' talent pool functionality gives you a baseline view of your organization’s known resources and their associated skills and experiences. Here’s a snapshot of how Fieldglass can help with talent management:
  • Easy access to valuable resources in your network
  • Ability to share one hiring manager’s candidate pool with others, expanding everyone’s network
  • Save money by eliminating supplier markups
  • Create a ready pool for hard-to-fill or emergency positions
  • Ability to post openings to job boards to fill your talent pool with outside resources
  • Tagging to allow for keyword searching on candidates
  • Google-esque searching on job titles and qualifications
  • Pre-qualify niche positions or validate independent contractors in your pool