Why Fieldglass

Why Fieldglass?

That's a really good question. Let’s explore it together with a few questions back to you!

Would you like your users to walk-up and use the tool with virtually no training, as if they were using their favorite online shopping site?

A: We do, too. Our usability team has worked hard to build a consumer-like application for the infrequent user.

Do you want to partner with a VMS provider that has tons of experience and its employees know the product and industry inside and out?

A: More than 10% of our employees have been with the company for a decade and many more have been in this industry for years, so we've seen it all. Meet some members of our team.

Does a dedicated account team sound good to you?

A: We have you covered. Our Support team is available to you 24x7x365 in multiple languages.

Are you concerned that your VMS provider may not meet the needs of your different regions or “picky” business units?

A: Chances are, we’ve been there and done that. Check out ten reasons Fieldglass is #1 for global programs.

Do you want to be able to compare your program, rates and suppliers with other businesses?

A: You are in good company. We have the largest benchmarking database in the industry.

Is integrating your VMS to your back office systems mission critical?

A: Of course it is. Our implementation team has conducted hundreds of integrations.