Go Global

Meet the demands of your multi-national workforce

Whether your workers are in Omaha or Hong Kong, Fieldglass can handle your global requirements.

Fieldglass around the world

Ten reasons Fieldglass is the top choice for global programs

  1. Scale. While the application was designed with global scale in mind, we also have strong partnerships with country-specific suppliers, law firms, MSPs and other industry resources.
  2. Experience. We have deployed programs in 100+ countries. You can count on us to guide you through the process.
  3. PROOF! As one large customer put it: “Everyone told us that because of our broad global requirements, we better not think of going with any other VMS provider other than Fieldglass.”
  4. Flexible. Feel free to use multiple MSPs across different regions or countries to take advantage of local expertise. Our platform works very well in these cases.
  5. Visible. And if you do go with multiple MSPs, you’ll still get cross-program visibility through roll-up, executive level reporting and visualizations.
  6. Local. We pay attention to issues and policies across the world, like AWR, Safe Harbor Act and Australia’s Work, Health and Safety Act. With capabilities such as workflow and approval rules and audit trails, you can easily enforce compliance.
  7. Accessible. Today users can access Fieldglass in 16 different languages and more than 50 currencies. This list grows as our customer demands grow.
  8. Configurable. The system can be granularly configured to support unique and complex processes, such as assignment duration requirements, pay rate rules, time tracking, invoicing and taxes.
  9. Supportive. We offer 24x7x365, multilingual support.
  10. Team. We have employees and offices across Europe, Asia and North America. Learn a little bit about the Fieldglass team