Reimagine What’s Possible with Procurement Solutions from SAP

Learn four ways procurement solutions from SAP can help keep your business agile and moving forward.

Learn the four ways that procurement solutions
from SAP make it possible

Respond quickly to every challenge and keep your organization resilient in times of change.


Businesses around the globe are facing financial and operational disruption: change has accelerated; supply chains are straining; and every business needs an agile workforce to flexibly scale and adjust to the new normal.

It’s time to rethink processes and redefine the strategic role procurement plays in ensuring business continuity. Procurement solutions from SAP, including SAP Fieldglass and SAP Ariba, make it possible to deliver what your business requires.

Watch the full video, or scroll down to learn about the four differentiators from SAP that are helping to redefine procurement.

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Discover the SAP Difference

SAP has four distinct differentiators that help organizations respond, recover, and reimagine an even stronger business.

Watch the videos below to learn how SAP can help you better understand and manage spend, fully integrate your business processes, create a connected community, and proactively address the challenges tomorrow will bring.


Manage Spend

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Different types of spend – direct, indirect, services, contingent workforce, MRO, T&E – have unique requirements. For example, external workforce spend requires active management of your flexible resources, work, and budgets. SAP Fieldglass provides full visibility into your external workforce and can help you answer these crucial questions:

  • Who is doing the work, and what are they doing?
  • What facilities and systems are they accessing?
  • When will they complete the project?
  • How will they get paid based on local labor laws?


Integrate Processes

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With 230+ integration points, only SAP can offer demonstrable business process integration and configurability that goes far beyond a slick sales demo. This is a recognition that, while we strive to make it simple, the process of managing external workforce spending is complex. And, as you evaluate solutions, you should challenge your providers to prove they can:

  • Be available in 180 countries and 21 languages.
  • Adapt to tenure rules unique to each market.
  • Apply tax rules by location and work activity.
  • Enforce dynamic rates for same worker based on activity and time work.


Connect to Community

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SAP business network is a full-bodied global network where millions of buyers and suppliers connect and collaborate – all ready for dynamic, collaborative relationships:

  • Access a global directory of suppliers with demand requests.
  • Find, engage, manage, and pay via a connected global ecosystem.
  • Source trusted new suppliers and safeguard your reputation with real-time risk insights.


Address Tomorrow's Challenges

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As your business grows and expands, you don’t have to worry about the complexities of doing business in new markets. Only SAP can help you:

  • Handle multi-channel talent sourcing, enabled by direct sourcing and skills matching across internal and external  talent sources.
  • Leverage a robust ecosystem of partners that extend your solution with targeted apps to manage specialized parts of the process, specific industry requirements, and more.
  • Access a platform that supports all major enterprise systems – easily integrate with ERP, financial, HR, and any other systems.
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Real Stories. Real Results.

Learn how SAP Fieldglass is helping global companies tackle services procurement and contingent workforce challenges – with big results.

See how procurement solutions from SAP can help your organization respond, recover, and reimagine an even stronger business in times of change.