SAP Fieldglass Digital Network

Introducing a global network delivering seamless integrations with digital solution providers to help customers transform how they engage and manage the external workforce.

In today’s fast-moving digital economy, organizations rely on external workers and service providers to help them get work done. To be successful, they need to be able to source this talent quickly and manage it effectively.

Introducing the SAP Fieldglass Digital Network, an innovative new ecosystem that delivers seamless pre-built integrations with industry-leading digital providers to help customers transform how they engage and manage the external workforce.

By bringing SAP Fieldglass together with these digital providers, we enable customers to be agile and drive strategic value through their multi-channel workforce.

Download the SAP Fieldglass Digital Network datasheet, or read below to learn more.

Key Benefits of the SAP Fieldglass Digital Network

Better Talent Access & Management

Engaging providers in the network ensures you can source the talent you need – where and when you need it – and manage it more effectively.



Seamless Integrations

Pre-built integrations make it simple for you to work with the partners you choose.



Improved Candidate Experience

Make it easier for candidates to find jobs with your company and stay engaged throughout the process.


Innovative Ecosystem

We have leveraged our unique open platform to deliver a new integration strategy in the market.



Leading Providers

We are working with best-of-breed providers in their respective categories and will continue to add new solutions that can help us deliver added value to you.

The Multi-Channel Workforce

Increasingly, companies today rely on contingent workers provided by traditional staffing agencies, Statement of Work-based consultants, freelancers sourced through online talent marketplaces and more as well as full-time employees. SAP Fieldglass calls this the multi-channel workforce.

Engaging talent in the multi-channel workforce through the SAP Fieldglass Digital Network enables enterprises to increase their agility as they gain access to critical skills to scale their workforce up and down to meet demand, and position themselves to capitalize on new opportunities.

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The SAP Fieldglass Digital Network

The digital providers listed below are among the first to participate in the SAP Fieldglass Digital Network. These companies provide solutions from every category of the contingent workforce lifecycle. Learn more about each company below:


Catalant connects companies to talent and knowledge in real time by providing access to a global network of more than 45,000 independent consultants and boutique firms who solve for a variety of business needs.

Data Incubator

The Data Incubator runs a highly selective data science Fellowship program, graduating hundreds of candidates each year with the most in-demand skills in machine learning, analytics, data visualization and more.


SAP Signature Management by DocuSign for SAP Fieldglass provides global customers a way to transform manual, paper-based processes into end-to-end digital transactions in the cloud for speed and transparency.

Download the SAP Fieldglass and Docusign Integration datasheet 
freelancede is the leading freelancer marketplace platform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, connecting businesses with freelancers and project providers across all industries, ensuring quality, cost and accessibility.


Genesys is a Talent Cloud innovator providing exceptional experiences for curated talent resources as well as enterprise companies seeking accelerated and broader access to an ever-expanding talent spectrum.

MBO Partners

MBO Partners has the industry’s only complete business operating system for independent workers, offering technology solutions that make it easy for self-employed professionals and their clients to do business.


TalentNet is a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of Direct-Sourcing technology to enterprise contingent workforce and talent acquisition programs.


TalonFMS is a freelancer management system that allows organizations to manage freelancers, independent consultants and SOW engagements so as to reduce the costs, manage the risks and maximize the value of their direct contingent workforce.


twago, a Randstad company, offers a comprehensive white-label talent pool management solution for contingent workers. The solution empowers companies to sustainably engage the contingent workforce leveraging their own employer brand.


WorkMarket, an ADP company, is the industry's premier Freelance Management System (FMS) and used by some of the world's biggest brands to automate and scale their flexible workforce.

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