SAP Fieldglass Unveils Cloud Solution To Revolutionize Mid-Market’s External Workforce Management

SAP Fieldglass Flex to Help SMBs Streamline Hiring, Manage Compliance, Standardize Payments for External Workers

Chicago - December 13, 2016

SAP Fieldglass, the global cloud technology leader in services procurement and external workforce management, today announced plans to roll out SAP Fieldglass Flex, a ready-to-use, first in its class workforce management solution that will reinvent how medium-sized businesses get work done.

SAP Fieldglass Flex is an intuitive cloud-based solution that facilitates the sourcing, hiring and management of external labor. This first and only solution of its caliber is designed for the unique needs of the mid-market, and is engineered for rapid set-up so businesses can realize immediate returns. With SAP Fieldglass Flex organizations will gain complete visibility and control over external talent to better drive efficiencies and increase focus on business growth.

“The dexterity offered by the external workforce plays a critical role in the growth of medium-sized businesses in the digital economy,” said Rob Brimm, President of SAP Fieldglass. “With SAP Fieldglass Flex, mid-sized organizations now have a simple, best-in-class solution to help find, engage and manage external workers.”

SAP Fieldglass Flex addresses the growing need for external labor management technology in the mid-market. With the percentage of external workers predicted to swell from 35 percent in 2016 to more than 50 percentwithin a few years, more medium-sized businesses are leveraging alternative talent pools and looking for technology solutions to achieve agility in an increasingly on-demand business environment.

The task of finding and managing external workers is made simple with the comprehensive technology of SAP Fieldglass Flex, which draws on SAP Fieldglass’ strong track record of innovation in the cloud. With this solution, organizations can now manage their compliance needs and answer the questions around who works for them, what work they are doing or how much they are paid.

“As mid-sized enterprises continue to increase their use of flexible talent, the technology to manage these workers will play a pivotal role in their external workforce management programs,” said Christopher Dwyer, Research Director at Ardent Partners. “As this market increasingly engages with a more blended workforce, it will require technology that can enhance talent engagement, improve cost savings and maintain critical visibility."

With SAP Fieldglass Flex, multiple stakeholders throughout the organization benefit from compliance, reporting and benchmarking, standardized requisition and onboarding processes, and accurate billing and invoicing. By achieving visibility and better management of their external talent, companies can now drive ROI by finding the right mix of talent where and when they need it.

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