Simplify subcontracting. Manage craft labor. Maximize contract profitability.

Get total visibility into your external workforce, so you can see spend, progress, and anything that gets in the way of profitability.

The Challenge
You’re chasing timelines, budgets, and subcontractors. Can you keep up with rapid growth in construction doing things the old way?

You need to hit every deadline and manage your margins. And that means staying on top of subcontractor performance and progress, while managing complex contracts and making sure suppliers are both qualified and compliant.

Construction is expected to grow rapidly, and you may not be able to maintain and maximize contract profitability with traditional methods, especially considering that:

  • Contracts are complex and tedious to manage, and the sheer volume of Statements of Work (SOWs) complicate things even further.
  • Subcontractor performance is critical, and you need to track spend against progress weekly, or even daily.
  • Safety and compliance and ensuring proper supplier qualification are critical to reduce incidents with external workers.
  • Reporting and auditing are becoming a bigger part of every project.
SAP Fieldglass can help you keep up and stay ahead.

Companies around the world trust our open, cloud-based platform to streamline and automate their full external workforce lifecycle – from sourcing to engagement, on-boarding to off-boarding, invoicing to payment, and beyond.

gain visibility

Gain visibility into and control of your subcontractors and labor

manage contract

Manage contract profitability with a clear picture of spend, progress, vendor performance, productivity, and compliance​

track and manage

Track and manage multiple SOWs to stay on top of deadlines, scope changes, and milestone billing

generate cost savings

Generate cost savings and improve operational efficiency

Contingent Workforce Management
Why SAP Fieldglass?
integrate with ecosystem

Integrate with your ecosystem

Our platform is cloud-based and open. It’s designed to integrate with any third-party solution – from point solutions to key enterprise systems – allowing the data and the process to keep flowing and making your life easier.

focus on co-innovation

Focus on co-innovation

Our close working relationships with our customers enables us to co-innovate to create solutions that are grounded in real-world problems.

global reach

Global reach, yet deep localization capabilities

SAP Fieldglass has rich localization capabilities, reflecting our understanding of labor laws, regulations, candidate privacy, rate requirements, and taxation.

committed and experienced

Committed and experienced account services

Customer-centricity is one of our hallmarks. We have long-term relationships with our customers, and they become part of our active customer community.

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build sustainability

Build a Sustainable World in the Construction Economy through Digital Transformation

Grow business by increasing market share, expanding internationally, and operating some of the assets your company builds. Face the industrialization of construction to drive reliable outcomes and improve margins by boosting productivity and eliminating waste – with real-time information.

services procurement

SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement

See how our platform helps organizations manage service providers such as subcontractors.

construction spotlight

Construction Industry Spotlight

Discover more about how you can better manage contracts and external labor, making it easier to manage profitability.


SAP Fieldglass Solutions through SAP NS2 deployment

Now you can deploy SAP Fieldglass solutions with SAP Security Services (SAP NS2) to ensure your external workforce and data remain protected with enterprise-grade security.

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