Drive better results and reduce risk from contingent workers and services providers

SAP Fieldglass solutions are helping global technology companies better manage compliance, security and more.

The Challenge
You rely on the external workforce to gain access to the skills you need to stay nimble.
But it’s not always a walk in the park.

Technology companies rely on the external workforce to help them react quickly to market changes, and source specialized skills to fuel new product development.

Finding and retaining top talent is crucial to your success. But to get the most value from your contingent workers and services providers, you need full visibility into their skills, productivity and quality of work. You must also safeguard sensitive information and intellectual property while ensuring compliance.  

It’s a lot to manage. We are here to help.

Download the SAP Fieldglass Technology e-Book

Dozens of technology companies around the world – such as Siemens and Philips – trust SAP Fieldglass to help them manage their external workforce.

Download this informative technology industry e-book from SAP Fieldglass to help you:

  • Source skills
  • Accelerate time-to-fill
  • Gain visibility
  • Simplify compliance and security
  • Manage and reduce costs
  • Drive better results from outsourced services
  • Achieve total workforce management
High tech leaders trust SAP Fieldglass to manage their external talent. Here’s how that adds up.

Technology companies around the world use our open, cloud-based platform to streamline and automate their full external talent lifecycle – from sourcing to engagement, on-boarding to off-boarding, invoicing to payment, and beyond.

provide platform

Provide a platform with robust security capabilities

help adhere to regulatons

 Help adhere to regulations, local labor laws, taxation, candidate privacy, and more – to mitigate risk

gain visibility

Gain visibility and control of the external workforce – who, where, cost, performance, access to your systems, and facilities


Accelerate and simplify the process to engage and manage external talent​

keep recruited and trained talent

Keep and more effectively redeploy talent already recruited and trained​


Integrate with public and private talent pools

real-time market rates

See real-time market rates seamlessly within the solution – help you be competitive and not over-spend​

Contingent Workforce Management
Why is SAP Fieldglass a great partner for you?
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Industry leadership

SAP Fieldglass was named a leader in the most recent Forrester Wave™ Services Procurement report.

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Innovative partnerships

Access our embedded technology ecosystem, mature integrations, deep category management, and global/local capabilities.

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Easy integrations

Our cloud-based platform is flexible and is designed to integrate with any third-party solution. We also have pre-built integrations with major enterprise and digital solutions.

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Localization capabilities

SAP Fieldglass understands local issues – wherever local happens to be – including labor laws, regulations, candidate privacy, rate requirements, and taxation.

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Committed service

Customer centricity is one of our hallmarks. We have long-term relationships with our customers, and they become part of our active customer community.

Red Hat Reduces the Cost and Complexity of Managing a Contingent Workforce

Find out how Red Hat accelerated contingent worker hiring and onboarding to yield a 92% hiring manager satisfaction rate and a 7% workforce program savings.


NTT DATA Services

Find out how NTT DATA Services has achieved $125 million in value since implementing
the full suite of intelligent spend management solutions from SAP.

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The Intelligent Enterprise Whitepaper for High Tech Industry

Take a deep dive with SAP into the trends shaping the high tech industry over the next five years and the path forward.


Four Insights for High-Tech Executives

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services procurement

SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement

See our solution in action in an SOW video demonstration.


SAP Fieldglass External Workforce Management

SAP Fieldglass is helping to transform how work gets done across the enterprise, enabling organizations to find, engage, and manage all types of external talent.

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