External talent at scale 

Tap into a deeper pool of external workers, get greater visibility into spend,
and be flexible enough to thrive in a changing insurance marketplace.

The Challenge
You need to attract and retain in-demand external talent to complement
your employee workforce – sometimes at a moment’s notice.

There’s a mass retirement on the insurance horizon, and few workers are entering the field to replace those who are leaving. You also need to source in-demand resources such as actuaries, data scientists, and IT staff that are highly sought-after by other industries.

Plus, agility to respond to spikes in demand is critical. For example, in the event of a natural disaster, you need resources such as claims adjusters, structural engineers, and call center staff.

To succeed in such a market, you need fast access to highly skilled workers, and you have to pay them accurately, on time, in compliance with local labor and tax laws. You also need to effectively estimate, execute, and deliver your contract margins.

The insurance industry is facing unprecedented change. Our job is to help you be more agile and get the external labor you need to stay ahead of it.

We understand the needs of multinational insurers. Procurement and HR teams around the world trust our open, cloud-based platform to streamline and automate their full external workforce lifecycle – from sourcing to engagement, on-boarding to off-boarding, invoicing to payment, and beyond.


provide platform

Provide an external talent management platform with robust security capabilities

help adhere to regulatons

Help you source labor via multiple channels – integrating with online freelancer marketplaces and public and private talent pools

gain visibility

Keep and more effectively redeploy external talent already recruited and trained


Help you adhere to regulations, local labor laws, taxation; track licenses; ensure candidate privacy, and more

keep recruited and trained talent

Gain visibility into and control of your external talent – who, where, cost, performance – for SOW contracts, too


Analyze spending data to compare prices, manage audits, and negotiate contracts

real-time market rates

Match and approve invoices against contracts – in real time

Contingent Workforce Management

Why SAP Fieldglass?
Specialize Capabilities

Specialized capabilities

Use capabilities developed specifically for the unique and complex nature of the insurance industry – capabilities that take you farther than any external talent management solution.

greater talent resources external workforce

Greater talent resources

Employ the SAP Fieldglass Digital Network for greater access to greater numbers of skilled talent, and tap into talent pools that allow you to re-engage and redeploy retirees who want a flexible schedule. Plus, access the Candidate Portal, which connects you directly with external talent, saving you supplier fees and shortening the time to hire.

Culture of Innovation

Culture of innovation

We specialize in something we call co-innovation and helping our customers configure the right solutions for their needs. We also work closely with our customers on continuous improvement – micro-innovations – so they realize more value from their programs over time.

Deep Category Management

Deep category management

Access SOW capabilities and handle complex requirements, such as different rates for different tasks – like claims adjusters who are traveling (one rate) or working overtime (another rate). SOW engagements are not just financial contracts – understand who is doing the work, their licenses, and certifications.

improved flexibility external talent

Improved flexibility

Engage all the channels in your workforce, give yourself the ability to adapt quickly to change, and make it easier to drive your business forward.

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