External Workforce in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Outsourcing

Gaining productivity and visibility in a volatile industry.

Introducing SAP Fieldglass
Assignment Management Software

Asset-intensive industries like Oil and Gas rely on the external workforce. Find out how you can easily onboard, manage, and pay multiple resources for multiple assignments with one solution.


The Challenge
Finding a better way to manage work, cost, and safety.

Fueling the planet requires a broad spectrum of specialized talent, and to fill these highly skilled positions, you depend on outsourced services and craft workers.

To get the work done as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible, you need the right people.  

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General concerns

  • Driving continued productivity while reducing operating costs.
  • Tying services to specific contracts to ensure proper rate enforcement and safety levels for the type of craft/skill at a particular site.
  • Maintaining compliance with health and safety regulations.

Upstream concerns

  • Recruiting highly skilled, specialized labor to remote areas – and ensuring they’re properly trained and certified.
  • Paying labor based on tasks, risk, and proximity to the well site.
  • Tracking costs back to exploration, drilling, production, and teardown in real time – and applying the correct taxes.

Downstream concerns

  • Sourcing dependable, high-quality craft workers and contractors.
  • Gaining visibility into quality and cost of work completed, day by day or even hourly.
  • Eliminating time fraud.

Drive better business results from contractors and outsourced services

More than 60 global oil and gas companies rely on SAP Fieldglass to effectively manage contractors and outsourced services, end-to-end. Find out how we can help you drive better business outcomes, reduce risk, and more.

How do you manage thousands of people working day and night from regional and remote sites all over the world?

A flexible, dynamic contingent workforce isn't just a necessity in the Oil & Gas industry – it's a vital strategy for companies to compete globally and to stay ahead. The most progressive Oil & Gas companies are redefining how work gets done. And with SAP Fieldglass, you can be a part of that change by creating an agile workforce that extends beyond full-time employees.

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Why is SAP Fieldglass a great partner for you?

Industries across the globe are experiencing rapid growth and expansion in their contingent workforces, especially within global industries as diverse as Oil & Gas, Technology, Healthcare, and Finance. Across all skillsets and expertise, SAP Fieldglass has the solutions to help manage all external workforces and services procurement functions across a wide variety of industries.


Industry leadership
Founded in 1999, SAP Fieldglass continues to revolutionize how companies manage talent across multiple channels through innovation and advanced cloud technologies.


Easy integrations
Our cloud-based platform is flexible and is designed to integrate with any third-party solution. We also have pre-built integrations with major enterprise and digital solutions.

customer service

Committed service
Customer-centricity is one of our hallmarks. We have long-term relationships with our customers, and they become part of our active customer community.


Innovative partnerships
Access our embedded technology ecosystem, mature integrations, deep category management, and global/local capabilities.


Localization capabilities
SAP Fieldglass understands local issues – wherever local happens to be – including labor laws, regulations, candidate privacy, rate requirements, and taxation.


Contingent Workforce Management

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SAP Fieldglass supports all industries in 180+ countries across the globe including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Technology, and many more.