Ensuring Scalability, Consistency and Collaboration to Grow Your Business

How do you grow a changing business, scale your workforce and still meet company and departmental goals? How do you properly equip people to be effective at their jobs quickly, while not overwhelming them with too much information?

Scaling is one of the biggest challenges in today's fast-paced business environment, and an influx of new faces and roles brings with it significant growing pains. Creating an organized, consistent structure with processes that enable cross-team collaboration and communication lays the groundwork to prepare for growth and welcome it with open arms.

To start, establish a solid baseline by implementing standardized processes for consistency across your organization. Consider allocating dedicated resources to execute a business process structure, and partnering with internal groups around a common goal – bringing order to the organization and helping new hires hit the ground running. Next, involve key stakeholders to get a leadership mandate. Once your leadership has bought into the structure, document the most efficient way to get things done so that everyone is on the same page. Take advantage of a document management system or collaboration tool to manage process documents and store them in a central location. By introducing this basic framework, you are empowering your employees to be resourceful and find the tools they need to succeed.

Once your company has achieved internal order, the consistent structure will enable collaboration. With a new, clear process to follow, your job now is to communicate it. Shout it from a mountaintop if that's what it takes! Lead by example by following the mandate, and always refer back to the process. Done well, building an internal business process structure allows for easy cross-team collaboration and an orderly approach to growth. And as your organization adds to its ranks, new hires will be delighted to find there is documentation to follow and steer them in the right direction.