Microsoft and SAP Fieldglass: Redefining Productivity

SAP Fieldglass is excited to share in the powerful partnership between Microsoft and SAP by integrating our Vendor Management System with Microsoft Office 365 applications. The integration redefines productivity for business users by allowing them to connect in the cloud, simplifying the procurement and management of external workforce programs.

The first phase of the integration, the SAP Fieldglass Office Add-In for Work Items, launched in Q3 2016. This integration allows users to review and act upon requests to approve work items directly from Outlook, rather than logging into the SAP Fieldglass system each time. Buyers can initiate hiring workflows from within Outlook and perform other tasks, including job postings, contract terms and extensions, timesheets and Statements of Work (SOWs).

Key benefits of the integration include:

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased productivity
  • Faster approval cycle times with full visibility into transaction details

So how does it look in the real-world? Here's an example.*

Jennifer is a marketing manager and is looking to launch her company's new website, but she doesn't have strong web design resources in-house. She turns to SAP Fieldglass to help her find a vendor with the right expertise to tackle the project.

She submits a request to find a project team and the request is routed to her manager for approval. With the new Office 365 Outlook add-in, Jennifer's manager doesn't need to log in to SAP Fieldglass to review and approve her request for services. He can do it directly from his inbox. Once the request is approved, suppliers see the skills required and submit candidates for her review. She compares the candidates and schedules interviews with her top choices simply by clicking a button. With the new integration, her Outlook calendar is automatically populated with the interview details, including resume, location, etc.

In addition to choosing a project team, Jennifer is hard at work finalizing the details of the engagement with her chosen services provider. Through the power of the integration between SAP Fieldglass and Microsoft, she is able to collaborate with the vendor on every detail of the SOW within Microsoft Word. All changes, edits and approvals are captured and saved in SAP Fieldglass, ensuring that contract terms and budgets are authorized prior to project kick off.

To learn more about the integration, download the Microsoft Office 365/SAP Fieldglass datasheet

* Example includes future capabilities.