Supplier Company Setup Wizard

For many customers who choose SAP Fieldglass to manage their external workforce, their suppliers are more than just vendors, but true partners. Creating a simple, seamless experience across the board is critical to ensuring that a program runs smoothly – and there is real value in making the process of working together easy and intuitive for the supply base.

In our latest release, we’ve focused on enhancing the supplier experience with the introduction of a Supplier Company Setup Wizard, a new supplier onboarding tool that offers step-by-step guidance for creating and configuring a supplier account. Leveraging ‘wizard’ technology, this new feature adds a user-friendly interface to the supplier administration tool, making setup and deployment quick and simple.

The Supplier Company Setup Wizard walks new supplier administrators through the setup process, providing clear direction for common tasks such as configuring User Roles, Users and the supplier storefront. For new and existing suppliers alike, it highlights helpful functionality that they may not be aware of. In the past, we found that suppliers were not using some key features because they didn’t know about them – the setup wizard will help educate them and position them to take advantage of every available tool.

The new Supplier Company Setup Wizard provides key benefits for customers as well. By streamlining the supplier onboarding process, we help ensure that a supplier’s account is ready to support the program on day one. Our ultimate goal is to make it easy for suppliers to be part of the SAP Fieldglass community – and to make sure they are ready to go at the moment when customers want to engage with them.