Tenure Policies: It’s Always Been This Way

This is the second post in our Tenure Policy series. You can read the first post here and third post here.

One reason we often hear for a tenure policy from customers is that they have always had one. It was implemented when the program was implemented, and it hasn’t changed.

Now, believe me, I know how difficult change can be. I have been on the front lines implementing a tenure policy and have celebrated when hiring managers are well-versed in what it means. I know how easy it is to say, “What’s done is done” and leave it at that. But there are ways to review your tenure policy regularly to mitigate risk. So here’s why and how to take a closer look.

  • Availability of data: Once a VMS program has been up-and-running for a few years, there is great, relevant and reliable data at that can uncover areas for improvement. This data can tell you how many workers are staying until they reach the tenure limit. You can also gain insight into if workers are returning after breaks in service, and the percentage of exceptions to policy that are being denied. 
  • Relationships with stakeholders: Because you have a rapport with hiring managers, it’s also a great time to take stock in how the program is being adopted and impacting them. I recommend having discussions with the “heavy user” population at least annually to hear wins and pain points. There are bound to be some growing pains getting used to a tenure policy. However, three or so years out, things should settle. If they haven’t, what is the impact to business and is it time to readjust? 

After examining the data and collaborating with hiring managers, it might become clear it’s time for a change in your tenure policy. Be sure when you go to stakeholders about changing any policies, use VMS to give you the quantitative data you need. Your VMS should be able to track tenure, re-engagement information and information about policy exemptions being approved.    

Stay tuned for a post later in this series where we’ll discuss how tenure policy review contributes to total workforce management.