MUFG Union Bank N.A. Builds Trust and Transparency with Its Contingent Workforce

MUFG Union Bank N.A is part of the world’s fifth largest financial group, controlling assets of US$161 billion and operating 361 U.S. retail and commercial branch banks. The bank needed help navigating an increasingly complex contingent workforce and stricter labor laws on potential contractors. With a focus on security, authentication, and validation, the company enlisted the help of SAP Fieldglass to establish real-time communication with its talent pool of highly qualified contingent workers.

PAT Chat video with Sandra Buhler, MUFG Union Bank N.A.

Watch this short video to hear Sandra Buhler, Director, Contingent Workforce, MUFG Union Bank N.A. talk about the difference SAP Fieldglass has made in the speed and quality of its contingent workforce engagement.

With help from MBO Partners Inc., MUFG Union Bank N.A. deployed the SAP® Fieldglass® Contingent Workforce Management application to:

• Build a talent database of over 2,500 contractors introduced through 98% referrals

• Create real-time alerts of new positions that contractors can immediately apply for

• Save on consulting costs by directly sourcing contractors

“SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management has jetted our recruitment into real time. As soon as I open up a job, our contractors are already notified and primed for deployment.”

- Sandra Buhler, Director, Contingent Workforce, MUFG Union Bank N.A.

Learn more about the bank’s optimization of its contingent workforce management with SAP Fieldglass.


Download the case study [Adobe PDF, 271.5KB ]