Capgemini Drives Global Growth
with Highly Skilled External Talent

A global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology, and engineering services, Capgemini SE addresses the entire breadth of their clients’ needs and opportunities. With 270,000 people in nearly 50 countries, Capgemini’s purpose is to unleash human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future. To support that purpose, the company leverages a skilled contingent workforce of independent IT contractors, freelancers, and engineering services providers.



  • Gain end-to-end visibility into its external workforce
  • Mitigate business risk and meet current and future needs
  • Improve business controls and optimize spend
  • Measure contingent labor spend against KPIs
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Optimizing value and efficiency with a global view of its contingent workforce

With highly skilled IT professionals, software developers, and engineers typically difficult to source, Capgemini wanted a flexible, cost-effective way to access the skills it requires at the right time, with the right quality, and at the right cost.

Seeking end-to-end visibility and control over every aspect of its external workforce, Capgemini sought a single integrated solution to find, engage, manage, and pay its contingent workers. It also needed a solution that perfectly fit with the firm’s global business structure and several legal entities, allowing it to deliver a simple process across the business.


Establishing an enterprise-wide strategy for contingent workers

Capgemini chose the SAP® Fieldglass® Contingent Workforce Management application, citing its end-to-end functionality in a single application, as well as its innovative product roadmap that can evolve with Capgemini’s business.

With the help of SAP Fieldglass, Capgemini has established an enterprise-wide strategy for engaging contingent workers with access to the best professional talent, more diverse workers, and cost-saving opportunities. By automating the entire process of attracting and managing flexible labor – from requisition all the way through invoice and payment – the consulting firm now has standard, efficient, and compliant processes across countries. In addition, Capgemini’s procurement team can measure success with comprehensive reporting on time to fill, cost, compliance, quality, and more.

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Getting the right skills at the right quality and cost

Capgemini has already achieved impressive results since the implementation, including 85% of its global contingent workforce spend is now captured in the SAP Fieldglass solution. In addition, the company can measure business process improvements with a fulfillment rate of 80% as well as a 60% reduction in time-to-fill rate.

With comprehensive visibility and transparency, Capgemini has access to deep insights into its global spend, market position, and opportunities for cost optimization, allowing it to mitigate risk and make strategic sourcing decisions. And its end-to-end visibility and control over every aspect of its external workforce helps the company get more work done on time, at the highest quality, and at the right cost.

How the numbers add up for Capgemini

Capgemini deployed the SAP Fieldglass applications to automate and standardize the sourcing, engagement, management and pay of its contingent workers. The results have been transformative to their business:

  • 85% of contingent workforce managed globally using one application

  • 80% of contingent labor requirements fulfilled

  • 60% reduction in time-to-fill rate

  • Less than 30 days job posting aging

  • Less than 10 days in time-to fill-rates achieved



Ensuring business continuity during difficult times

Capgemini’s full visibility into its existing workforce helps it ensure business continuity within client engagements globally during the time of COVID-19. The pandemic has also highlighted the urgent need for establishing a highly-skilled, remote global workforce.

“Capgemini is a prominent example of the growing importance of the contingent labor market to workforce agility, business continuity, success, and innovation,” said Tamara Braun, chief customer officer, SAP Intelligent Spend Management. “External consultants are central to the quality of services Capgemini delivers to its global client base. What’s more, its leaders clearly understand that engaging this flexible workforce at scale positively impacts quality, competitiveness, and compliance.”

Capgemini transforms how work gets done and meets the needs of its growing business

With the implementation of SAP Fieldglass solutions, Capgemini can effectively manage its highly skilled contingent workforce with visibility and efficiency, as well as drive its global growth with agility and resilience.

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