PVH Europe B.V. Drives Fashion Forward With Comprehensive Visibility into Its External Workforce

With global iconic brands such as Calvin Klein and TOMMY HILFIGER, PVH Europe B.V. is one of the world’s largest and most admired fashion companies, connecting with consumers in over 40 countries. The company’s 140-year history is built on the strength of its brands, an extensive consumer base, and a rapidly growing digital and multichannel distribution capability. Committed to driving fashion forward, PVH Europe B.V. works with a strong consumer focus, seeking to become even more demand and data driven.



  • Adopt a global external workforce strategy
  • Establish a strong partnership between procurement and HR
  • Improve external workforce visibility and management
  • Strengthen processes and controls
  • Mitigate compliance risk
  • Future-proof integrations with established SAP software landscape
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Breaking down silos for a holistic external workforce strategy

PVH Europe B.V. relies on contractors, temporary staff, and freelancers to give it the flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of a rapidly changing business. As external workers often fill workforce and skills gaps, the company looked for a software solution to improve the visibility and management of this important talent resource.

Before the implementation of SAP Fieldglass, the company had only limited visibility into its external talent, as the information was siloed by department. PVH Europe B.V. sought a holistic view of workforce management, one which included contingent workers as part of its total talent strategy.


Procurement and HR choose SAP Fieldglass solutions for its powerful capabilities

Forming a strong partnership, PVH Europe B.V.’s procurement and HR teams chose SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System for its rich functionality and powerful management tools in a single application. The teams agreed that it was the right solution to centralize the management and tracking of the company’s external resources, including temporary workers, freelancers, and independent contractors.

With dedicated support from Randstad Sourceright and TalentIn, PVH Europe B.V. implemented the solution with the additional goals of mitigating risk in its supply chain by streamlining operational processes and standardizing contracts with suppliers.


Better access to external talent where and when its needed most

The SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System now helps PVH Europe B.V. centralize its contingent workforce management, allowing the company to have greater visibility and control, and make more-informed decisions.

Supplier contracts and total contingent workforce spend data are now visible to both Procurement and HR teams, and PVH Europe B.V. can track the talent it is using – how contingent workers perform, what they are paid, and where their skills could potentially be deployed on other projects.

In addition, the company has strengthened its governance and controls by streamlining operational processes and standardizing contracts with suppliers, helping it meet complex compliance requirements.

With a deeper view of its external talent pools, PVH Europe B.V. is better able to secure top talent in a competitive labor market and ramp up projects more efficiently. For example, the company can field three qualified and available candidates from its contingent labor pool for 90% of its job posting requests.

PVH Europe B.V. now has € 20 million in contingent labor spend captured within the SAP Fieldglass solution, and has reduced its time-to-fill rate (from job request to onboarding) to less than three weeks.

How the numbers add up for PVH Europe B.V.

Looking to better manage contingent labor in Europe, PVH Europe B.V. implemented SAP Fieldglass solutions to give it a holistic view of its external workforce and help the company better access qualified external talent. The results are impressive:

  • €20 million in contingent labor spend in Europe each year captured in SAP Fieldglass solutions

  • 20-day time-to-fill rate achieved – from job request to onboarding

  • 10% of total workforce managed through SAP Fieldglass solutions

  • 90% of job postings served by three qualified candidates from PVH Europe B.V.’s talent pool


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Expanding the use and scope of its external workforce management program

As the competition for top talent intensifies in the market, PVH Europe B.V. is now looking to tailor its solution to its operations in other countries. Also on the horizon, the company is considering extending the scope of its external workforce management program by adding statement-of-work functionality and expanding its use in additional regions.

PVH Europe B.V. fashions a successful external workforce management strategy with SAP Fieldglass

Learn how PVH Europe B.V. implemented SAP Fieldglass solutions to gain a holistic view of its contingent talent, streamline operational processes, mitigate compliance risk, and fashion an external workforce management strategy with collaboration between HR and procurement.

Fashioning external workforce visibility

Learn how PVH Europe B.V. successfully chose, implemented, and now run a successful external workforce management program with SAP Fieldglass solutions.

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