Sikorsky Successfully Deploys SAP Fieldglass in Four Weeks

From the flight of the first viable American helicopter, Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company headquartered in Stratford, Connecticut, is an industry leader - designing, manufacturing, servicing and supporting military and commercial helicopters. As part of the Rotary and Mission Systems, Sikorsky provides military and rotary-wing aircraft to all five branches of the U.S. armed forces, along with military services and commercial operators in 40 nations.



Contingent Workforce Management 


  • Complete visibility into external workforce with full lifecycle management
  • Robust security capabilities
  • Access to highly-specialized top talent
  • Compliance to government regulations for risk mitigation
  • Reporting and analytics for cost savings and spend control
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A pressure cooker of changes

To stay ahead of the competition, Sikorsky must continually balance innovation with agility, speed, and efficiency. That often requires augmenting its existing talent efficiently - not an easy task with a highly-specialized skill like helicopter engineering. Their previous workforce management platform was slated for decommissioning, but the engineering department could not allow disruption of its production and operations.

And it all needed to happen in four weeks.

Sikorsky sought a trusted technology partner with a flexible platform that could be stood up quickly and help the company adapt to and align with the organizational changes and systems requirements of its new parent company. They needed help in engaging a uniquely-qualified external workforce wherever and whenever required - and then, once engaged, they needed help managing this workforce with complete visibility into security, compliance, and lifecycle management.


Why such strict security?

Security risks are inherent to operating in the aerospace industry. Lockheed Martin must routinely defend against an extensive range of continually evolving security threats against its information technology systems, facilities and people. The threats may vary from attacks commonly encountered across most industries today, to advanced persistent threats from highly organized adversaries who target the company because it protects national security information.

As part of the selection process, contenders had to undergo a stringent Lockheed Martin security review. SAP Fieldglass passed with flying colors, effectively demonstrating the robust security capabilities of its platform.

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The migration to a modern enterprise solution

Sikorsky chose SAP Fieldglass and its industry-leading enterprise platform for external workforce management and services procurement. With a proven track record in the industry, and with the acquisition integration changes already underway - pressured by the tight timeline - SAP Fieldglass’ speed, agility, and robust integration capabilities made it the right choice.

In the initial implementation, the functional capabilities from Sikorsky’s legacy system were moved to the SAP Fieldglass platform, and the solution was tailored for the engineering department’s contingent workforce. This was accelerated by using a dedicated test environment with pre-loaded best practices.


Success takes flight

SAP Fieldglass provides Sikorsky with enterprise-wide visibility and end-to-end lifecycle management capabilities for its external workforce—from sourcing, on-boarding and managing, to invoicing, payment, and off-boarding. This complete visibility into the company’s external workforce helps ensure proper compliance with corporate policies and government regulations for mitigating potential risk and costly fines. The streamlined and automated on/off-boarding also supports audit tracking for external workers throughout their lifecycle and helps ensure they have the right credentials and controlled access to systems and facilities for security and badging purposes.

In addition, visibility into spend gives management more control, while automated time tracking and integration allow for better reporting. And because SAP Fieldglass supports Sikorsky’s need for highly specialized, niche skillsets, its configurable solution gives Sikorsky more time to focus on its core mission and capabilities.


I can see clearly now

The SAP Fieldglass solution helps Sikorsky engage external talent when and where they’re needed. As Sikorsky continues to grow with Lockheed Martin, SAP Fieldglass provides a flexible platform for expanding external workforce management capabilities across the organization.

Given the successful cost savings and other metrics reported in the engineering rollout, the solution has since been implemented across the entire North American division.

About such success, one might say: the sky is the limit.

Sikorsky soars with talent, security, visibility, and savings

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