Contract Management for Downstream Oil and Gas datasheet

Would you like to gain more visibility and improve the productivity of your outsourced services? 

There is a lot riding on your shoulders. To continually fuel homes and organizations, your business depends on outsourced services and craft workers. You rely on these workers to complete critical projects as safely and efficiently as possible especially during shutdowns and ongoing maintenance. You need to have the right high-quality people for the job, maintain compliance with health and safety regulations, and manage complex contracts to ensure you are paying the right rates. 

Your external workforce comprises thousands of people working day and night, clocking in and out. How do you manage your external workforce effectively? 

That’s where SAP Fieldglass comes in. We developed our solutions with your requirements in mind. 

Let us help you: 

  • simplify and automate the entire lifecycle from source and engage to manage and pay

  • improve productivity and reduce operating costs

  • access specialized skills and track the quality of work

  • eliminate time fraud

  • mitigate risk and maintain compliance to ensure workers are qualified, certified and trained for safety

See what SAP Fieldglass can do for you and your business. 


Download the datasheet [Adobe PDF, 498.7KB ]