Decision Wizard

The SAP Fieldglass solution includes the Decision Wizard, a powerful and strategic workforce planning tool for hiring managers across worker types. It enables companies to influence the worker composition and guides buyers to the most appropriate engagement type, be it an external worker, service provider or direct hire. Using the Decision Wizard, hiring managers attain the best resource for their needs while also proactively driving toward a corporate goal.

Companies can define high-level objectives such as expanding the external workforce for a seasonal adjustment or increasing diversity suppliers, and customize the Decision Wizard form to assist them in meeting those goals. It can also help to reduce misclassified workers, for example, hourly consultants masquerading as project workers to bypass headcount restrictions or tenure policies.

The Decision Wizard enables hiring managers to:

• Fulfill their needs at the lowest possible cost
• Use appropriate suppliers to meet company objectives
• Comply with company and regulatory hiring rules
• Make the appropriate sourcing decision
• State their need and allow procurement to drive the direction


Download the datasheet [Adobe PDF, 188.2KB ]