SAP Fieldglass and DocuSign Digitally Transforming the Signature Process for External Workforce Management

In today’s fast-moving business world, getting the right talent onboard at the right time is critical. When managing external workers and service providers, there are many touchpoints where one or more individuals must sign documents. This occurs during the creation of work orders or Statements of Work, when qualified managers on both the customer and supplier side need to sign off on contracts, and for workers during onboarding when they need to sign key documents to begin their engagement with an organization.

Traditionally, these documents would require printing, manual signatures and uploading into the platform which leads to lack of visibility, delays and risk of non-compliance.

Now, SAP Fieldglass and DocuSign have a solution. With a simple, standard connection between these two systems, the signature process can be made digital and in-platform for SAP Fieldglass customers to help accelerate their business processes, get talent onboard faster and mitigate risk.

Download the datasheet [Adobe PDF, 1.3M]