SAP Fieldglass Simplifies Contract Management for Upstream Oil and Gas

Would you like to gain more visibility and improve productivity of your outsourced services?

Fueling the planet requires a broad spectrum of specialized talent and you rely on outsourced services and craft workers to fill these positions is remote areas. You need the right worker who is qualified for the job and will complete the work as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. On top of that, you also need to manage and track worker activity at a granular level to ensure that your contractors are providing the right skills, hours allocated to the project, rates are aligned and enforced, taxes are applied, and equipment use is tracked.

In other words, you have your hands full. How do you manage all of this and more effectively?

That’s where SAP Fieldglass comes in. We developed our solutions with your requirements in mind.

Let us help you:

  • simplify the complexity of contract management

  • automate the entire lifecycle from source and engage to manage and pay

  • improve productivity and reduce operating costs

  • access specialized skills and track the quality of work

  • mitigate risk and maintain compliance to ensure workers are qualified, certified and trained for safety

See what SAP Fieldglass can do for you and your business.


Download the datasheet [Adobe PDF, 585.2KB ]