SAP Fieldglass Timesheet Integration

Organizations spend countless hours, manpower, and excess dollars handling worker timesheets each week. Complex overtime issues, payroll regulations, and compliance requirements only exacerbate the process. Using SAP Fieldglass for timesheet integration allows your company to integrate your existing system with our proven system to quickly eliminate these problems and gain total confidence that timesheets will be handled correctly and on time.

SAP Fieldglass recognizes that many companies have been using the same time entry system for some time and that they are often associated with other back-end programs. As a result, we simply integrate with your existing solution to decrease user training, lengthy solution deployment time, and unnecessary interference with other internal departments. In addition, our integration methodology ensures that all data gets synched up without duplication or error, eliminating manual data input.

The benefits of SAP Fieldglass timesheet integration include:

• Control labor costs as worker and pay rules are consistent across the board
• Track and enforce complex compliance requirements to decrease risks
• Gain efficiencies by reducing timely manual entries that often contain errors
• Offer different time entry options, including hourly or daily
• Customize an approval workflow that works best for your organization
• Easily track time across multiple projects, tasks, or departments

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Download the datasheet [Adobe PDF, 2.4M ]