Vendor Management Software On-boarding and Off-boarding

Adding or reducing a resource to an organization - whether that’s an external worker, third party service provider or employee - impacts several departments and includes many different responsibilities, both prior to the “start date” and after the “end date.” SAP Fieldglass on-boarding automates the workflow associated with bringing a new individual on-board, including paperwork requirements, background checks, supply needs, orientation, personnel introductions, and more. Each step is documented to ensure it’s completed correctly, allowing your workers to transition into their roles more quickly and confidently.

SAP Fieldglass off-boarding ensures the successful departure of each resource. Managers can follow a proven workflow that includes returning company inventory, revocation of third party access, termination paperwork, exit interviews, and more. Departures are handled appropriately every time without costly and critical mistakes.


Download the datasheet [Adobe PDF, 191.1KB ]