SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2) and SAP Fieldglass


External workers have access to critical systems. Can you be sure your organization is protected with enterprise-grade security? We can.


The Challenge:
Managing contractors and other external workforces within highly regulated industries

To protect an organization and mitigate risk, individuals managing everyday operations, including external workers, need to keep security and compliance at the forefront. This requires a cloud based comprehensive external workforce management solution that can by adopted across the enterprise. 

However, identifying an external resource management solution can prove difficult for highly regulated industries, as they face heightened regulations and security standards impacting their data stored in the cloud. 


The Answer:
Secure deployment of SAP Fieldglass solutions through SAP NS2

SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2) is an independent subsidiary of SAP responsible for deploying SAP cloud solutions in the United States. They deliver a secure, sovereign deployment of SAP Fieldglass within the continental United States supported by US persons. SAP NS2 enables highly regulated organizations, government agencies, and defense departments to run SAP applications, such as SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System, without compromising on security, innovation, or cost.

The SAP Fieldglass solution deployed by SAP NS2combines external workforce management with extensive practices dedicated to controlling data access and data residency to maximize data security and sovereignty. This allows us to ensure U.S. support, U.S. deployments, and adherence to U.S. cybersecurity and compliance requirements.


Key benefits:

Reduce global transmission

Reduce unnecessary global transmission of external workforce data with secure planning


Protect mission-critical data

Protect employee personally identifiable information (PII) and organization data with in-country deployment to mitigate exposure and risk


Ensure regional security standards

Enforce regional security standards across your global external workforce network

SAP NS2 can be deployed with:

SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management

Mitigate compliance risks, streamline engagement processes, and increase visibility with a well-managed, highly skilled, contingent workforce.




SAP Fieldglass Service Procurement

Simplify how external service providers are engaged, ensure compliance to safety and security policies, and measure the quality of services being delivered.


SAP Fieldglass Worker Profile Management

Improve visibility and maintain a standardized record of all external workers – from who they are, where they’re working, and what materials they’re assigned.

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