SAP Signature Management application by DocuSign

Digitalize Signature Processes and Transform External Workforce Management

Competition moves fast in the digital economy. To get ahead, it’s vital to bring the right talent on board at the right time and manage external workers and service providers effectively. Yet traditional paperwork and manual tasks cause delays and inefficiencies. 

With the SAP® Signature Management application by DocuSign, option for SAP Fieldglass® solutions, you can replace mountains of paperwork with efficient, cloud-based workflows for speed and transparency. The application accelerates on-boarding by enabling you to secure authorized and binding signatures from your external workforce and services providers, anytime and anywhere in the world. 

Moving to digital signature processes can help your organization stay competitive, engage top talent, and run an intelligent enterprise.

Key Solution Features:

• Integrated, intuitive functionality for electronic signature and information capture
• Robust, automated workflows from start to finish, including full process visibility 
• Secure, legally binding, and globally recognized digital signatures 
• 24x7 availability in the cloud for file downloads

Discover how this solution can expedite crucial signature processes and transform how you do business. 

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