Spotlight on the Oil & Gas Sector

Finding and managing the right mix of talent can be challenging for organizations in any industry. Yet few face greater risks associated with workforce management than the oil and gas sector. New and evolving laws, Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) regulations, labor shortages and heavy financial penalties for compliance violations can cause enormous burdens. Unfortunately these often lead to increased costs, decreased productivity and a damaged reputation.

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Leading organizations in the oil and gas industry are realizing the enormous benefits associated with managing their external workforces using SAP Fieldglass, such as fewer HSE incidents, increased productivity and decreased costs. With the largest oil and gas client base across the global VMS landscape, SAP Fieldglass helps:

  • Find the best workers faster
  • Streamline and improve supplier communication
  • Maintain compliance to HSE regulations
  • Track worker certifications, licenses and training
  • Document worker experience
  • Monitor labor rates accurately
  • Process complex rate cards
  • Track taxes by work site or stage

Download the datasheet [Adobe PDF, 290k]