Taming the Wild West of External Workforce Spending

Businesses are digitally transforming key areas of business operations. But too often, external workforce management is still being handled using paper-based statements of work (SoWs) and POs. Signed SoWs and POs are just documents – not intelligent tools that help managers find the best talent, get the most value, track spend against budget, and mitigate risk.

So it’s no surprise that business functions relying on manual, outdated, “Wild West” systems face significant challenges managing and extracting value from their external workforce. These are signs of persistent under-management and it can lead to misinformed assumptions with unintended consequences.

The good news is that taming the Wild West of external workforce management is easier than you think. You just need the right point of view – and the right technology.

Read this new infographic on how to define a robust enterprise strategy and operationalize it with the right vendor management system (VMS).