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What is a managed services provider, or MSP?

Managed services providers, or MSPs, offer a variety of outsourced support services for your business. But the right MSP can also help you strategically grow your business.

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What is a contingent worker?

42% of the global workforce is contingent labor. Learn why this talent segment is so vital to the digital economy.

What is the external workforce?

They're known by many names – contingent workers, consultants, contractors, and more. What they are is essential to the success of your business. Learn more about contingent workforce in this article. 


What is services procurement?

Services providers are companies that deliver people-based services to an enterprise. Learn why effectively managing this "invisible workforce" is vital to an organizations’ success.

What is a Vendor Management System, or VMS?

A vendor management system is a cloud-based platform used to procure and manage temporary, contract, or contingent workers. Most VMS applications integrate with other on-premise or cloud-based enterprise HR systems. 


What are the benefits of a Vendor Management System?

Organizations that outsource both skilled and unskilled labor can benefit from a vendor management system – increased workforce visibility, risk mitigation, and reduced labor costs.