Total Workforce Management Guide

The world of work is changing. Traditional concepts of how to engage, acquire, and address enterprise talent have been replaced by innovative, on-demand strategies to fill business’ skills-based needs. And, with the transformative mindset adopted by many of today’s executive leaders geared towards harnessing the impact of the “gig economy,” the boundaries between full-time equivalent (FTE) and contingent talent is starting to blur.

In this new world, the notion of the “blended workforce” has become a reality, forcing organizations around the world to adopt more forward-thinking approaches as to how to best manage all facets of their talent engagement, talent acquisition, talent management, and contingent workforce management strategies and programs. The changing world of work dictates that executives rethink their mindset regarding talent, as well as the underlying tactics to effectively drive total talent visibility, real-time alignment of projects/requirements to expansive networks of talent, and a baseline of total workforce management to prepare for the future of work.


Download the Ardent Report: The Modern Guide to Total Workforce Management [Adobe PDF, 1.1M ]