State of Contingent Workforce Management 2017-2018

We have entered a new world of work.

As Ardent Partners explains in its 2017-2018 State of Contingent Workforce Management report:

Key business projects and initiatives are now addressed in an on-demand manner, and work in conjunction with a literal ‘talent revolution’ in which more top-tier, highly-skilled workers are adopting a flexible-work style.

How can organizations ensure they are successful in this environment?

Download the report to access a guide for navigating the future of work and get a better understanding of key topics including:

  • How leveraging external workers and service providers enables business agility
  • The role of innovation in contingent workforce management and services procurement
  • Features of best-in-class programs including active collaboration between HR and procurement, standardized SOW management operations and optimization of data
  • Strategies for success such as improving the talent experience to attract a new generation of workers

Download the report [Adobe PDF, 1.6M]