Total Talent Management and the Contingent Workforce Paradox

For most organizations, the contingent workforce is growing. A greater percentage of the people supporting the business are not permanent staff. Since there are advantages for both the organization and the workforce, this trend is not likely to reverse.

Yet this shift is driving a paradox. Organizations realize they must consider the contingent workforce similarly to how they manage internal staff - in the search for talent, in managing performance and even in retention or exit. At the same time, the contingent workforce is different, and thus requires different processes and management, from the permanent group. The current regulatory environment, while not the only driver, means that governments will increasingly require careful management of the contingent workforce if organizations are to stay within the law and avoid reputational and financial risk.

This report by Spend Matters examines the similarities and differences between managing the permanent and contemporary workforce and: 

  • Explains why the contingent workforce is growing
  • Further defines total talent management
  • Dives into the contingent workforce paradox
  • Provides recommendations for total talent management strategies


Download the report [Adobe PDF, 147.9KB ]