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Gain full visibility into your external workforce to help you drive better business outcomes in the professional services industry.

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The external workforce helps professional services organizations drive topline growth, respond quickly to changes in business demand, and optimize team composition. Yet, many organizations lack visibility into this large and critical spend category, which makes it difficult to achieve the desired return on investment.

To understand organizations’ use and management of the external workforce, and the role that Procurement plays in this dynamic business environment, SAP collaborated with Oxford Economics to survey 2,050 executives in more than 20 countries and a variety of B2B and B2C industries across two research studies.

The results are in. Download the report to reveal what we learned from professional services executives and see how you compare with your peers.

SAP Agile Procurement Insights Research in Collaboration
with Oxford Economics


Agility Isn’t Always On The Payroll

The external workforce gives companies agility and better resiliency. Find out how full visibility of this huge spend category will help you deliver better outcomes.

What’s in the report:

  1. The huge spend category that needs to be on your radar
    Only 57% of workforce spend is on employees. Discover who comprises the other 43% and why you should be paying attention.
  2. The external workforce is essential for resiliency and agility
    Learn how the external workforce helps organizations realize business goals such as managing costs, boosting agility, and reducing risk.
  3. Three key actions to take right now
    Discover how you can manage your external workforce to drive better business outcomes.


Research insights



of professional services executives say the external workforce is essential to getting work done


of professional services executives say the external workforce help them compete in a digital world



of professional services executives say they are highly informed about the quality of work by contingent workers

3 Things You Can Do Now


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