Agility isn’t always on the payroll

Gaining full visibility of your external workforce can help you drive better outcomes.


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How ready are you to anticipate and respond to the unexpected? To drive better performance from your suppliers? To expand the value you bring to your organization?

These are the big questions facing procurement leaders right now, and ones we set out to answer. That’s why SAP, in collaboration with Oxford Economics, surveyed 1,000 global procurement and supply chain executives to understand how they are driving agility and resilience in their organizations.

The results are in, with the data synthesized across five key research reports. 

It’s time to explore the findings and learn how you, too, can be ready for whatever comes next.

SAP Agile Procurement Insights Research
in Collaboration with Oxford Economics
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Agility Isn’t Always On The Payroll

The external workforce gives companies agility and better resiliency. Find out how full visibility of this huge spend category will help you deliver better outcomes.

What’s in the report:

  1. The huge spend category that needs to be on your radar
    Only 58% of workforce spend is on employees. Discover who comprises the other 42% and why you should be paying attention.
  2. The external workforce is essential for resiliency and agility
    Learn how the external workforce helps organizations realize business goals such as managing costs, boosting agility, and reducing risk.
  3. Three key actions to take right now
    Discover how you can manage your external workforce to drive better business outcomes.


Research insights



of executives say they have technology for contingent workforce management


of executives say external workforce is important to operating at full capacity



of executives manage their external workforce spend more effectively

3 Things You Can Do Now


You’ve discovered how procurement leaders are responding to the challenges they face. You’ve also seen how some are being left behind. Before you go, here are three things to do now to travel faster on your own road to readiness.


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